Here's To Old Friends

A very good friend of mine just had a baby girl. A baby is always a joyful occasion but it is even more so in this instance because she was blessed after years of disappointment and heartache. Johnna and I met when we were both young captains in the military stationed in Germany.  She was in the Air Force, I was in the the Army, and our friendship grew over travels, wine and time. I began to think about other good friends - Kim, who is breaking new ground and shaking up the world of education with her leadership; Mary-Jo, who is raising 4 strong, beautiful children: Amy, who can do anything she sets her mind to; and Kathy, my ultimate cheerleader, who takes life by storm (having fun every step of the way) and is now readjusting to life after Iraq. The choices we made brought us together and then sent us down separate paths. There are times when we don't talk for months, or even years, yet the friendships remain. I am so fortunate to have the friends that I do and very content to be where I am in my life.

So what does this have to do with human resources? I could make a bridge between not judging people for the choices they make or any number of HR things but, right now, I am just thankful for the friendships I have in my life and the strength they provide me. I hope that I have been able to be that for others. 

It is amazing just how much there is to learn for those open to it. I am not talking about just facts and figures, but in providing leadership, influencing change and in being present in the moment to make each and every interaction positive. I believe I am a better person, wife, mother and leader because of the friendships and connections I have made and that I will continue to grow because of them. 

Here's to old friends and to new ones too!