Is There a Doctor in the House - Or On the Net?

I just finished reading through "Electronic Recruiting 101" by Shally Steckerel for Electronic Recruiting Exchange. If you have ever heard or used the phrase, "you don’t know what you don’t know," and I have, this was it for me. Posting open positions on internet job boards and starting my own blog is nothing more than "standing in the door." Standing in the door refers to an airborne soldier who is literally standing in the open door of an aircraft waiting for the green light to jump out.

My green light to jump was this summer when we were short physicians and did not have a pipeline or network in place to replace them quickly; we did not have anyone on the bench. We reacted and made the contacts, contracts and connections we needed to build the foundation. We are identifying candidates but it is slow going. We have not yet jumped into the electronic waters. What are we waiting for? Sad to say, we weren't waiting, I just did not know. Actually, I did know some but my perception was that of a very messy web so vast that any search would be fruitless at best. I know now that it will be messy, but order can be created out of the chaos with some pre-planning. I know now that at times it will be seem fruitless, but with statistics showing that only 5% of the recipients of mass e-mails flat out say "take me off the list" and only 10% are returned undeliverable, I have an 85% potential for success. 85% potential is fruitful and if I had those odds at the casino, I’d visit a bit more often! It will be a sharp learning curve, but a curve we must take head on and with our foot on the gas.

My first phone call Monday morning will be to our Director, Information Resource Management. I am over the jump zone now and it is my turn to depart the aircraft!