Your Problem is My Problem

I was checking phone messages this morning and had one from one of our managers. This manager had realized something – something she had missed. Now if you have ever been there, this is one of those misses where the blood drains from your head, you feel lightheaded, hands tingle and your stomach flips. As I listened to the message, I started to feel the same because I was working on this and I missed it too. The message ended something along the lines of "this in not your problem, just wanted you to know" and I switched gears. My body slowed down and I went into another more focused, productive mode – your problems are my problems. It is my job, and the job of HR, to do everything we can to help manager’s solve their problems.

Yes, we missed the date. Many others did too, although that does not excuse me. This caught me off guard and I have to say that I thought we had more time so it was not my top priority this past week. Nonetheless, we are getting the things in place that we need to so this manager can, with integrity, prepare the necessary certifications for the medical center director’s signature.

I now have to wonder, what else is out there that is going to jump up and bite me this week? What will move from the bottom of the pile to the top on it's own? More importantly, how well will I respond to provide the leadership and resources to get it done, whatever it is, vs. being taken off task by doubts and frustration or needing to breathe into a brown paper bag? J