A Good Solid Fully Satisfactory

Yes, I was still struggling with performance reviews and know enough about myself to know that when I struggle this much with a task or an issue it is either because I simply don’t know how to do it or I am out of integrity. I know how to do performance reviews so why was I having such a difficult time determining final rating for my staff? I was definitely torn and through the internal struggle, came to the realization that my department is a good solid fully satisfactory. When I said that, my internal struggle ceased and was replaced very rapid breathing. My breathing returned to normal (!) and I knew that although I already knew the answer in my heart, I had to confirm this with another. I put two people in a tough spot who confirmed my assessment. I expected nothing less than total honesty and that is what I received. My thanks to them both.

So, why does this assessment seem like a bad thing to me? Why do I keep typing "only fully satisfactory" and then taking the "only" out? A fully satisfactory assessment means that we are doing what we are being paid to do. So why is it an "only" to me? Fully satisfactory is simply not enough. I am not here to just do my job, I am here to make a difference and a fully satisfactory means that I am not. It is my department, my job, my piece of the puzzle and the responsibility starts and end with me. It is my role and my leadership and I need to take a honest, close up look at both. What does excellent look like? I know it when I see it and know that one of my next steps is to define it for others.

A good solid fully satisfactory is simply not good enough.