Here's The Deal

I started this blog a few weeks ago to give me a place get my thoughts down on paper, to help me make and take the time to think beyond the daily tasks. I let three people (yes, three and one was my husband!) know about this and gave them the link to read when they wanted. They did and they made comments. I found that it was a bit addicting and I returned to the pages frequently to see there were any more comments.  I needed more comments!  So, now I am thinking that I should get this out there more widely. That I should share with other colleagues and other blog sites. I requested to get added to and will get into bloglines this week. Do you guys have any other ideas? I am serious about wanting to excel and I really feel that this can help me along the path. How do I know? Well, the very thought of doing so makes me a bit nervous and usually more often than not, getting out of my comfort zone ends up being a very good thing for me.