Reflections . . . of What?

I started to blog because it gives me the opportunity to step out of the day to day madness and to read, reflect and write about issues beyond the day to day.  New thoughts and ideas are very engaging and really get my blood pumping - I love them, I live for them and I am energized by them.  Reflection itself is very calming to me and I welcome the respite to reflect on new thoughts as well as current challenges.

Recently, my day to day frustrations are creeping into my blog and they are intruding on my space! I am finding that when I use this space to vent, I don't get the same satisfaction I do otherwise. Sure, I get to unload but it is not taking me beyond where I currently am, it is not challenging me or others to expand and while it provides an outlet of relief, it is not necessarily where I want to go with this space. It sure doesn't inspire others and the last thing I want is a caravan of commiserates without an impetus for change.

A reflection can be as simple as a look in the mirror but, for me, the value lies in a deeper second, third and fourth look.