Leadership Principle

I read a post on G-Town Talks this morning with both complete understanding because I have been there (different situation, same struggle) and with a resounding "way to go" to a very good friend. When Kim first posted "Acceptance & Tolerance/GSA?" and even before the comments started to come in, it was immediately evident that she was facing a very emotional and divided issue. She followed her heart and after much consideration, made the decision she felt was best for her students.

Going with the way it has always been or where everyone wants you to go or to the direction of the loudest voice . . .this is just not leading. The mark of a leader does not lie with being able to make everyone happy all of the time. Manage the "smiley face" was something I learned early on.

The best leaders are principled and allow their principles to guide them through decisions from the most routine to the toughest. Yes, people will judge. In the end, the judgments go to the leaders who were most true to themselves.