The Value of A Fresh Start

First day back after a nice long holiday. An employee is selected for a position in another service line and they are in the midst of a disciplinary process. The proposal has been issued.  Do we proceed with processing the action or dismiss the action because of the transfer?

I  would not support dismissing an action solely based on the transfer so, how do we proceed in these situations? It depends. . . . it depends  on the nature of charge, on the employee's response - did they accept responsibility, it depends on their behavior during the process, it depends on their past history.  It depends.  

As supervisors and managers, we should not propose and issue discipline simply because we can. The ultimate purpose of the discipline process is to change behavior.  All things considered, if the process has achieved change short of issuing a final decision to impose,  consider the purpose served.

Employees come to work to make a difference and to do a good job. Employees are human and make mistakes - we all do.  Everyone deserves a second chance, and I urge you to not underestimate the value of a fresh start.