Teachers as Leaders - Leaders as Teachers

Building on a recent post on G-Town Talks, I ‘d like to share my best teacher story. Is there any doubt in your mind, after reading this, whether or not this teacher is a leader? Leaders of all professions can learn something from both the G-Town post and my experience below.

Our daughter started kindergarten this year and in November, my husband and I went to our very first parent-teacher conference. The notice reminded us that the child could come along so off we all went to school. We stopped at the media center to buy some books for the kid to keep her entertained during the conference; we were prepared for the teacher to ask her to sit quietly while he talks to mom and dad.

Is that what happened? No, not even close. Our daughter was asked to sit at the table and only then were mom and dad were asked to join her. The teacher spoke directly to our daughter about the progress she has made and all the things that she is doing well. He spoke to her, and only to her.  At one point, when she could not take the attention anymore, she began to fidget and actually fell off of her chair! He ended by telling her that he wants her to continue to learn and that if anything, anything at all, is bothering her during the day, that she should come talk to him about it. Only after he shared all that he wanted to share with her, did he ask if mom and dad had any questions for him.

Questions? I was speechless - this was not what I expected at all . Now, after the experience, I wonder how I could have expected anything less.