Oh No, It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Yes, I heard it on the news so it is official. Girl Scout cookie time is coming again. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Girl Scout cookies and have been known to eat a whole pack of ice cold Thin Mints all by myself, in one sitting. As a matter of fact, last year I bought $20.00 of Girl Scout cookies from someone at work.

Someone at work, that’s the problem. I remember filling out the co-worker’s form hoping my husband wasn’t doing the same (he was), I remember thinking about trying something new (decided to stick with the tried and true), I remember marking the date the cookies where coming on my calendar and I remember coming back from a meeting and seeing the cookies on my desk. Great, now who do I pay?

I asked around the office to see who was up in our area. Did anyone see who dropped the cookies off? Did anyone else get any cookies delivered today? Did anyone recognize the handwriting? I placed a $20 under my keyboard to pay the person when they came by or, as time went on, when they called, e-mailed, sent me a letter – anything. No one came by - ever.

I began to ask if anyone heard anyone talking about me not paying for my cookies or about anyone not paying for their cookies? Had anyone been looking for me or giving me dirty looks behind my back? Nothing.

Well, the cookies were great and the $20.00 held on until late in the summer when it went to Panera bagels and honey-walnut cream cheese for the office.

It’s that time of year again. Will I be able to buy cookies from someone at work and not wonder if they are the one? Oh, I just had another thought, what if no one comes? I will sure miss my Thin Mints L !