. . . And They Hover

You know them when you see them. They are the leaders who are so very interested in the meetings others attend not because the topic is of value to them but because they want to know why they were not invited. They watch the comings and goings of others, they look to see who is in an office as they walk by, they get defensive if a topic new to them comes up in a meeting and it appears that it may not be new to others in the same meeting . .. . .and they hover.

They perceive actions and non-actions through lenses of respect or disrespect and  loyalty or disloyalty.  They question, they badger, they surmise, suppose, assume . . . and they hover.

These are very well-respected, intelligent, capable leaders yet they do not see, or hear, how this behavior so detracts from the great things they do every day and the absolute difference they make in the organization. They do not see how it impacts those around them. 

So, if you are a leader who hovers, please stop to consider that it is not what you think it was. As the Union President not so eloquently told me yesterday as I pondered aloud why it I was being asked to accomplish the impossible,  "It's not all about you!"   Then come talk to me or my staff and we will help put it in perspective for you.

As my Dove chocolate heart wrapper said, " Chocolate Always Loves You Back" and we have plenty of chocolate  in HR!