Mukluk Owners Unite!

I bought my first, and only, pair of Steger Moosehide Mukluks last weekend.

I was in Ely shopping with some family, a light snow was falling and winter was in the air. Muklluks are handmade in one place and one place only in the whole entire world (yes, right where I was standing) and are said to be the warmest boot around. Hey, 2 pair were just shipped to Cameron Diaz. . .so, yes, I bought a pair. Thought about it as we shopped some, thought about it more over lunch and again as we went back and tried them on one more time. Impulse buy? Maybe. Incredibly soft and slipper like? Yes.

So, if you were to purchase a pair, which ones would you choose? Arctic, Navajo, or Traditional? Maybe Tall Ojibwa or Short?