Book Review: Warriors, Workers, Whiners and Weasels

It's okay to whine occasionally.

It is. Really. Tim O'Leary says so. He does. Right there on page 142 of his new book, Warriors, Workers, Whiners and Weasels. His book is a guide to understanding yourself and others, and using this knowledge to increase the overall effectiveness of yourself and those around you.

Tim's writing style is straightforward, easy to read and right to the point. The four distinct personalities are very descriptive and you simply cannot read them without trying to identify yourself and your fellow co-workers in each category!

  • Warriors are "usually charming, and invigorating, they are also self-centered intolerant, hot-tempered, domineering, highly critical, and often driven to the point of seeming distraction." 
  • Weasels have "no regard for honesty, relationships, long-term credibility, or friendships." 
  • Workers around you "take responsibility for their actions and pride in their achievements.
  • Whiners let their "negativity and dissatisfaction overshadow performance."

These one line descriptions offer only a mere peek into the world of warriors, workers, whiners and weasels. Tim devotes chapters to each of the 4 W's offering full profiles, insights into motivation, tips, tools, signs to watch for and rules to live by.

Tim modestly refers to the 4 W's as "a simple classification system." Yet, the 4 W's is a simple classification system that provides value. Value because this concept was developed and refined by the author while "running real companies and working with real people in real-life settings." Value because it reaffirms "what you already innately understand." Value because it provides an opportunity to learn from the experiences, and missteps, of others.

A true Warrior at heart, Tim takes the time to reflect on what he has learned. For me, Part Six, Wrapping Up is what distinguished this book from others. Tim puts his shield aside and talks from the heart, from his heart, about balance, ego management, taking responsibility for your life and carrying lessons learned forward. Yes, sometimes taking "the next step forward . . . actually means taking a step backwards." 

What do you want from your life? What do you want to achieve? Whatever it is, "it is your responsibility to take the control." And, Tim O'Leary offers you a set of tools, and insights, to guide you.

Hey, don't let the Weasels get you down!