Here's The Rope

The original title of this post was "Stupid Supervisors" but with all due respect they really are not and more importantly, I heard a little six year old voice telling me again that "mom, stupid is a bad word." "But, but he cut me right off, didn't you see that!" Ok, I digress.

We are here to serve but frankly, we cannot protect some supervisors from themselves. We do try though. We facilitate and we intercede.We act behind the scenes and call in favors that do not exist or make commitments we really have no business making. Many times we give them just enough rope to keep them from going over the cliff. Sometimes they come close but while most supervisors listen, there are a select few that do not.

Listen to us when we tell you to be professional in each and every of your interactions and to NOT unnecessarily antagonize the union. As a member of my staff so eloquently told a supervisor yesterday "remember, you are on a 2-year probationary period, the union president is not!"

If you want to do it your way, well, here's the rope.