How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? 

Mine does not. Not because I don't have a green thumb because frankly, I have not given it a try. I do not have a garden. I think about putting one in, a lot. I talk about putting one in, you know, starting small and building over the years; picture how one would look driving up the driveway with our newly sided house, new roof, new windows and stone front; imagine the welcome some shrubs, perennials and annuals would provide our river friends as they pull up to the dock and walk the long walk up the stairs to our house; visit greenhouses with my daughter and leave with no more than a few potted plants.; jot down ideas from other homes that I'd like to have at mine. Do you get that I really want a garden? Wrong :) 

I really love the idea of a garden but I don't really want one.  I want the beauty, the butterflies, the colors, the fragrances. I don't want the weeding, the pruning, the watering, the general overall maintenance. I think I should have one - everyone does and, well, you have heard about curb appeal. Heck, on the river road we don't even have curbs! Bottom line, I don't want the obligation. So starting today, I am putting away the "should" and being ok with the ways thing are.

How many things do we do as leaders, and as people, because we think we should do them? How much stress do we let the "should" create for ourselves? For others? Think about what is important to you, what directions do you want to go personally and professionally and ditch the things that do not support you. In other words, sit back, relax and let the weeds grow.