Necessary Face Time

New employees meet lots of people during their first few days on the job, starting right off at 8:00 with the medical center director. They are already know members of my staff who recruited them and led them through the pre-hiring and new employee orientation processes. They will continue to work with members of my staff to sign up for benefits and generally transition to life as an employee with us.

They interviewed with their supervisor and will very quickly meet their supervisor's supervisor and their coworkers. If they are a nurse, social worker or psychologist, they will meet the nurse executive, social work executive or lead psychologist who will have professional oversight of their practice. If they are a physician they will meet the Chief of Staff. I could go on and on.

So, amidst all this, is it really necessary that I, as the HR Officer, meet with each employee? Do I need face time with each new employee or they with me? I don't think so. Why, because I know that they are in good hands.