Model Student

What does it mean to be a model student? A model leader? A model manager? A model anything?

My daughter's spring conference with her kindergarten teacher was this week and basically, we were told that she is a model student, a kindergarten teacher's dream. She didn't really know what that meant but she did get what her teacher said about listening, doing quality work, knowing her numbers and letters, being nice to her friends, helping other students out. She is also a 6 year old with a lot of energy and ideas and fun and she shares that with others.

So, inquiring minds wanted to know . . . was I a model mother, manager, wife, co-worker, friend? Depends on how you define model. Define it as someone who tries to follow her heart and do what's right, learns from the many mistakes she makes and although she doesn't always get it right, keeps on trying. Yes. Define model any other way and probably not. And, there are so many ways to do so.

What I have learned over the years and I hope to teach my daughter, and model for others, is that it is not how others define it, it is how you define it for yourself and that whether you are student, a peer, a leader, manager, coach, parent or daughter being true to yourself is the one thing worth modeling.