What I Do

I was asked, albeit by my 6 year old, what I do at work. Well, as I thought about how to answer, I considered my day yesterday. Wednesday was a typical day and a typical day goes something like this:

Attend recruitment meeting to discuss the status of all vacancies: prepare a report to state licensing board re: unprofessional conduct; meet with union president (oops, didn’t know that was opened for local negotiation); continue with workers compensation case reviews (63 down, 17 more to go); review evidence file for proposed discipline action (not strong); review performance improvement plan (need more documentation); meet with director to discuss cash awards (go forth!); review slides for performance review training for supervisors (good to go); reconcile travel costs (we will get $5,000 back for intern training); get the distinctions between pharmacy resident, interns and associated health trainees and ensure we use our funding properly (got it now); approve purchase card orders; talk with our Purchase Card Coordinator about our less than customer-friendly, only newspaper in town re: our weekend recruitment ads (I am sending in the big dogs now!); located Minneapolis area hospital salary survey  (no wonder no one responded to my now seemingly redundant individual requests for information); look for position description to address new department responsibilities (and steal shamelessly!); support HR staff Vet Pro training with supervisors (went well); review promotion action questioned by the VISN Board and discuss with Liaison (matter of interpretation); review background check results with Chief of Police (what is 2 degree assault motivated by bias?) . . . to these highlights add ponder future direction of department and medical center growth issues, walk-ins, telephone calls, 125 + Outlook messages and, well, there you have it.

So, back to my daughter. What do I do little girl? I help people find jobs, get promotions and answer any questions they have about work but nothing is as much fun as spending time with you. To be 6 again.

Now, where are did my finger paints go?!