Fingerprints and Physicals

A applicant has been selected for a position with your organization. An offer was made, the offer was accepted (yeah!) and you can't wait for them to start. What does it take at this point to "pass GO" and get to the first day?  

From the new employee's side there is a notice to be given,  projects to be completed, addresses to be changed, emotions to manage and all of the many other things that come with a major life change. From the new organization's side (us), there are fingerprints to be taken, a drug test to be passed, physicals to be administered, background checks to be initiated, and credentials to be verified - all before day one. I understand completely and know why the things we do have to be done. Hey, I am in HR.

I am seeing the pre-employment necessities on the rise and the burden of responsibility shifting heavily to the employee to make the time to get them done. The impact of not doing so - no start date. The motivation to do so - a new job with a great organization. Is that enough? Should be, but my fear is that it will not always be and we will lose good people, no matter how efficient and user-friendly I can make the process.