Self Energising

Dear HR Thoughts, are there any tips or suggestions available for self energising?

That is a great question.

If you need self energising, you are being drained. So, let's start at the beginning to figure out just what it is that is draining you. Is it the amount of work on your desk, personalities at work, the type of work you do, social commitments, financial concerns, relationships, health concerns? What can you do to reduce the drain? You have a choice about how you live your life and may need to make some changes. Tough to do, but always an option.

A constant drain means something needs tending to. That something is you. Figure out what you need and ask for it. Simple requests fulfilled to have my daughter put her dirty clothes in the laundry after school or my husband and I sharing attendance at our daughter's activities really made a difference in lightening the load I felt. What requests can you make? Now, make them.

I could make a list of activities that I enjoy but that just would not get to the heart of the question. It really gets down to the question of, are you doing what you love? If you are not as fortunate as Kim who lives her passion every single day at work, ask yourself are you engaging in your passion outside of work. Work is not the be all and end all and a great life exists outside the workplace. Deb at 8 hours & a lunch (one my absolute favorites) writes about this in a recent post  and throughout her blog. Check out your support system for leaks and fill them with family, friends, mentors, community members etc.

With a link to another great perspective providing post, I open this up to others and invite you to chime in with your tips and suggestions for self-energising. 

Remember to breathe.