The Very Best Interview Question

Simon Meth tossed a question out there seeking the very best, and worst, interview questions you have heard or used.  Simon asks for a brief explanation of why you ask it, what results it produces, and why you think it's the very best.  If you haven't been delivering the questions, you probably can remember a time when you were on the receiving end. In the spirit of the game, keep it simple and no multi-part questions. 

Here goes nothing . . . .

  •  Best Interview Question. One question I always use is, "Tell me about a time when your integrity was challenged?"  Their integrity will be challenged and it is just a matter of time when. This question provides insight into where their line in the sand is and how they respond in these situations. Storming out of the room and declaring they will never speak to the offender again or bad-mouthing them on a company wide e-mail (yes, one applicant did say she did that!) sends a message completely different than what I am seeking for my department.


  • Worst Interview Question.  I was new to a company and on an interview team where the practice was for each member of the team to bring 2-3 of their own questions to ask during the interview. Imagine my surprise when across the table one interviewer asked an applicant, "If you could be any type of a drug, which one would you be?"  My surprise then was nothing compared to my surprise when the applicant answered, "Viagara!"  Needless to say, we stopped that practice rather quickly. 

Ready? Give it a whirl!