A Hole in One

After only 4 games on mini-golf yesterday (and two on Friday) the kid got her first hole-in-one of the summer. Last summer, she sunk them regularly at Wisconsin Dells and even drove straight through the water hazard to get one in at the Science Museum. This weekend was our first time out for the year and yesterday we went to the Pirate's Cove - great course where you can play the Captains Challenge or Blackbeard courses through waterfalls, tunnels and yes, pirate adventures.  We did both, twice!

Well, she did it, right there on Hole 16 of the Captains Challenge -  the kid got the hole-in-one! Dancing around the course, shaking her little booty, letting those playing behind us know, and getting high fives from all, she had a blast.

What will I remember most? The hole-in-one? Nah, there will be plenty more. I will remember the kid telling dad, as he tried to give her pointers, "I only accept compliments on my swing." Got that Daddy-O?!