I Don't Come With a Dimmer Switch

Ok, I have been told (more than once in my life) to stop thinking so much, to be a little more intellectually dimmer, to go with the flow, to try operating without back-up plans a, b and c. 

For some things I can but for others, well, I just can't. Always thinking.. . . just can't seem to shut it off. Yes, it can be paralyzing at times, but not for long. Don't worry. I like (love) a lot of what I do everyday yet I see that there are others ways to do things and, when it is not scary, it is pretty exciting. I need to explore and I need to process. I don't come with a dimmer switch but I do have a bottle of Williams - Sonoma Sangria Roja mix that needs only a bottle of red wine to get it going. Kim?!