It Feels Good To Be Wanted

If someone were to approach you at work and say, "How are you doing? I am worried about you." What would your reply be? That question was asked of me a few months ago. My reply? "You should be. I am worried about myself too."  Today,  however, I feel differently. How did I get from there to here? How can you?

Stop, breathe and remember you have options. It is when we feel like we do not have any options that things seem at their worst. To feel that we have no other options so we simply must endure is a very powerless and defeating position to be in. Stop that right now.

Talk with family, friends, and trusted  colleagues. And listen.

Get in touch with what’s important to you. And do not let that go. Do not compromise, explain away, or put this aside for even just a moment. Let this be what you measure options and opportunities against. Define your legacy and choose to live it.

Reconnect, network and get in the game. Call past colleagues, attend meetings of local HR or community organizations, get a LinkedIn account, do whatever it takes. Connect with others outside of your immediate workplace. Do it. It is good for your ego.

Consider it all. Consider all options that come your way. Quitting may be an option and remember that quitting is not the same as failing

Consider it some more. You have an opportunity, they want you. Yes, it absolutely does feel good to be wanted. You consider making a move. Before you do, step away from the ego building attention and the red carpet treatment and ask yourself if this opportunity is going to take you one step closer to what’s important to you. Ask yourself, "Is it time for a change?" but more importantly, is it time for this change?

Make a decision for you. This is about you and not about anyone else. Does the opportunity appeal to you? Does it move you one step closer to what is important to you? Yes? Pursue it. No? Withdraw. There is a distinction between moving towards something and running away from something. In a comment to a recent post, a reader asked, "Finally made that big decision you've talked about, i.e. leaving?"   My answer? I am choosing to stay put for now. I am willing to make a move if it is the right move but I have not come across that yet. 

In closing, enjoy the journey. There in lies the value.