Card Carrying SHRM Member


Yes, I have to admit it. I am a card carrying SHRM Member and have been for many years. SHRM is a huge organization, representing a very diverse profession with a multitude of members.

SHRM offers MANY resources for practitioners new to the field in a generalist role. As a one-person HR department many years ago, SHRM was my primary resource. They were there when I needed them. Over the years; however, I have found fewer resources to meet my needs and, each month, I find that the HR Magazine is of more value to my HR staff than to me. 

SHRM takes some hits and has some displeased members and I am not so sure that all of it is deserving; it is difficult to be everything to everyone. 

I have the SHRM Annual Conference brochure on my desk. A few of the Executive Education Programs sound very interesting. And I like the tag line: New Ideas. New Orleans. Makes me think of a fresh start. I like that.

When I look at SHRM, I see change. Will the change be what everyone is looking for? Will it be in response to member needs?  Hard to say. I am not ready to turn in my card now but I will be watching and supporting.