Tagged Again

I've been tagged again. This time the tagger is Angelique at Inspired HR. Her Halloween 2007 picture is too funny, I can't pass this tag up; however, I am going to give you an abbreviated version.

So, here are a few Random Things About Me from my (much) younger days:

  • I did not get my driver's license until I was a senior in college.
  • My cars have all been automatic; I never learned to drive anything else.
  • My first car was a Honda Accord and I had a front end collision within weeks of owning it.
  • I worked for one glorious (?) and crazy summer at a 7-11 in Daytona Beach, Florida with one of my very best friends. Working nights, sunning days. . .what else can a couple of college girls ask for? 
  • I was a Pi Kappa Alpha Little Sister. The best grades I got in college was the semester I was pledging and carrying a 21 credit load.

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