Important Things are Complicated (Abridged Version)

Leaders work with complex issues every day. Leaders must make the tough choices. Decisions have to be made and leaders have to make them. Leaders make 100's of decisions in the course of a week; most without much effort. And then, there comes the ones that are not so easy.

As a leader, the first step after realizing that you have a decision to make is realizing that decisions can be complicated.

Realizing That Decisions Can Be Complicated

"We want decisions to be simple, but if they were they'd make themselves. HR is complicated and we should not accept simple solutions. "

Why is it that some struggle with a particular decision while others breeze right through it? Change the decision, change the time, change one detail and the person struggling is set free and makes the decision and the other is suddenly stalled.

Making the Decision

Understanding what is getting in the way of easily making a decision can be crucial to a leader and her decision making process.

Many things can seemingly get in the way of making a decision. Dig deep enough and I believe it will always come down to one thing - fear. Fear can stop a leader in her tracks. Fear of what? Fear of loss of control, fear of looking silly, fear of looking vulnerable, fear of making a bad decision, fear of making the right decision? The list goes on.

Name your fear. How will a leader know when she has the right fear? As soon as she becomes aware, the struggle ceases and the decision is made.