The Millenials Are Coming - To You

If you are interviewing a Millennial and find your thoughts shifting away from the applicant and to yourself, specifically to concerns about your ability to manage a Millennial, read this post at Great Leadership. 

In particular listen up . . . being a good leader to Generation Y means being a good leader – period. When Millennials were asked, “How would you describe your dream boss”,  the responses were good management skills, pleasant and easy to get along with, understanding and caring, flexible and open-minded, respects/values/appreciates employees, good communication skills.

Still worried about your ability to effectively manage a Millennial? Stop that right now. Look at this as an opportunity for your growth and development and a chance to refine the tools in your tool box. Step outside your comfort zone.

The Millennials are coming to you - be not afraid. Oh, how much you (and your staff) will gain.