Cruise Update - It's Not About the Silverware

We are on our second cruise. The Kid's Crew is not as engaging as the first. The food is not as unique, the service is not as impeccable, and the ship is not as over-the-top. I can't find the silverware rolled up in the napkins when I need it. This second cruise is not as spectacular as our first. 

Is it time? Is it experience? Is the second time really ever as good as the first?

It is better. The frenetic pace of the got-to-see-and-do-it-all right-now madness of the first time now makes way for the do-what-you-feel-like-so-what-if-you-miss-the-after-dinner-show calmness of the second time.

Sailing past the surrounding mountains and watching the whales play off the side of the ship as we made our way towards Juneau yesterday was superb. Watching our 7 year-old co-mush a dogsled team across a glacier was priceless.