Unposted Posts

I am back from an awesomely superb vacation.  While on vacation, ideas for posts crossed my mind and I jotted them down when I could.

I had one with a working title, "The Real Star." It was going to be about auditions for a cruise talent show that my daughter auditioned for. During auditions, there was a lady there (Brooke) who supported, cheered on and encouraged each of the participants during the rehearsals. Surely, she must be part of the organizers. I was impressed by her engagement, appreciative of her encouraging comments to my double jointed daughter as she displayed her freaky finger tricks, and very surprised when the last audition was called and Brooke walks up to the stage and sings her heart out. Awesome. 

We spent some time on a glacier with a dog sled team img_3729.jpg
and well, I lost the idea. My next idea came to me during a Ranger presentation as we cruised through Glacier Bay. The Ranger stated that he loves to engage in conversation about Glacier Bay. He hoped that those who listen to him are inspired to ask the questions that will solve an unsolved problem; if he were to leave us knowing just what he knew, we'd be in a world of hurt.


What a way to engage your audience, seek questions and set the stage for learning, sharing and growing. I am going to shamelessly steal his words and I planned to create a post around it and then, before I even had a working title, out the window it went too.

Look at it as trading one type of inspiration for another! 

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