Finding Leadership Balance

Leadership is sort of a mystery. It can lift you up. It  can bring you down. One thing for certain, it will always keep you on your toes. 

Leadership can be very conceptual and, at times, I find it hard to get a thought from my head into something clear that I can articulate to others.  I value it when I found others who are able to do that for me. Micheal Wade's post on leadership communications did that for me today in Finding the Leadership Balance between Filtering and Revealing.  

Personally,  the line I find the most valuable is the one I will keep in front of me always from here on out:

Wise leaders understand that there can be discreet disclosure; the type that gives a sense of the rationale behind certain policies without revealing the dirty details of management slug fests that may have prefaced the decision. These leaders disclose reasoning, not personalities.

Professionally, Micheal provided me with insight, not to mention a great discussion and coaching outline for others. Thank you Michael.