My HR is Not Sexy.

My HR is not sexy.

Legal landmines are always on my radar. I am not one to jump on the bandwagon of the next new thing until I have checked it out and I quickly lose interest in a conversation filled with buzz words. After over 15 years in HR,  I can safely say that I have learned lessons the hard way.  I have been lied to, taken for a ride (or two) and held to account for my actions. I have thought less (and more) of someone than they deserved and have been put in some very value challenging situations. 

Am I crabby? Uninspired? Hardened? Dislike my job? No, not at all. I like my job. I am a realist. Phew. That felt good!

If you can picture yourself thinking, "while I am all for idealism, I think it has to be tempered with appropriate expectations and a good dose of reality," you might be a realist too. Check out this post at Your HR Guy. It is a good one. Really!