Team Lexus

I don't enjoy all aspects of recruitment. I really don't.

The mechanics leading up to an interview are simply not energizing to me. Interviewing candidates for open positions in my department? Enjoyable. Leading a facility team as part of a national effort to redesign the RN hiring process in VHA? You have my attention. See a team member be energized by the story behind the Lexus and propose our our team name be Team Lexus? Inspiring.

The general aim? To produce high quality, error free results while reducing the time to hire. 

Is the team on the yellow brick road to Oz? Not at all. We are on a journey as individuals and as a team and we are bringing the rest of the HR department and medical center with us. We are knee deep in mapping, used a "fresh eyes" approach to conduct a facility walk through from the eyes of an applicant coming to interview, and are meeting with stake holders to implement our first two tests of change.

Check back for periodic update on Team Lexus!