Book Review: Blitz the Ladder

"Climbing the corporate ladder is a long and hard battle, so much so that many choose not to take the challenge" A successful climb "starts with the realization that you can't do it alone."

With this, author Todd Rhoad sets the stage for the focus of his book, Blitz The Ladder: A Team-Based Approach to Getting Ahead in Business.

Rhoad discusses traditional career development resources, tapping the power of perception, and introduces the Blitz approach. The goal of the Blitz approach is "to actively promote all members of a team until reaches a position of authority. Once one member reaches an influential level, their efforts become directed towards elevating the other members of the team. This continues until all members reach their goals."

The core of the book is focuses on Ten Blitz Principles: career self-reliance, shared responsibility, trust and communication, to name a few.

There is a lot of information in Blitz and it is not a quick, nor easy read. I had difficulty grasping the concepts at first but taken piece by piece, Rhoad offers some great advice for career advancement.

Whether you buy into the Blitz concept or not, you have to agree that "understanding your own abilities is vital to your mobility in climbing up the corporate ladder," and that "understanding how others see us is extremely critical if we are to authenticate the work and personal connections . . ."

Valuable insights such as these, sprinkled amongst the ideas, research and explanatory diagrams, offer value to the reader.

You can find out more about Blitz The Ladder, Todd Rhoad and the Blitz team right here.