Leadership Development Carnival

Ghost and ghouls tucked safely away until next year, we can begin looking to November happenings.

Right around the corner is Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the countdown to Christmas - do you believe it? Well, believe this - the November Leadership Development Carnival is up and you won't have to look far - I will take you there. Who is the host? Well, none other than Dan McCarthy.

Dan is hosting this month's Leadership Carnival at Great Leadership. And what a host he is! Dan says, "There's no bottom of the treat bag dum-dums in this edition - nothing but full-size snicker bars." And he has that right! From role models and team leaders to costumes and personality, this carnival delivers.

"So grab your candy bag and get ready to fill it up with some sweet advice, opinions, and ideas from some of your favorite leadership bloggers."

Next month's Carnival will be December 6 , 2009, hosted by Mark Stelzner, at Inflexion Point. Use the Carnival Submission Form to submit your post.