What's So Cool About HR?

Every year, I get to talk with a group of medical center leadership candidates about the HR department. I present, they ask questions and, because it is a small group, we have lots of time to interact.

This time I want to connect.

I want to flip this whole "department overview" idea on it's head. OUT with understanding a little more about the complexities of Federal HR and IN with coolness. HR is one of THE coolest departments in the building and when I get through with them, the leadership candidates will be climbing over each other to get onto our team or going back out to their teams and singing our praises {this is you applauding me and no, I am not sniffing anything this morning!}

Hold your judgement when I tell you that, yes, I have been using very un-presentation Zen like PowerPoint's with staffing structure, lists of functional areas etc {this is me hanging my head in shame}. Not very cool. Not very cool at all.

I need your help. I am looking for anything you've got (slideshares, ideas, reasons, pictures, phrases, quotes) that I can use to get the word out to our leadership candidates that "HR is Cool." Now that I am thinking, I could probably use a boost myself. And so could my department.

Hit me in the comments, contact me, @ or DM me in Twitter, connect on LinkedIn, etc with whatever you got. I promise to put whatever I get to good use and I will share too.

So, what's so cool about HR?


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