Mixing Things Up A Bit

Take a little writing slump, throw in some support, add a little creativity, mix it up with some friends and what do you get? A good idea! Steve Boese, takes the cake, and gets the credit for this chocolate chip of an idea -The HR Blog Exchange.

So Steve, what is a blog exchange?

"A blog exchange is a simple idea where two bloggers are paired up with each other, and each submits a 'guest post' to their partner's blog, hopefully done in more of less the style and using the 'normal' subject matter of the host blog. So each blogger gets a chance to stretch a bit, potentially writing about something new, and perhaps altering their style a bit, and hopefully most of all having some fun."

Check out the pairings at Steve's blog and watch for Steve Urquhart - Talent for the 21st Century - Twitter user name workforce101 and Talent421coming to HR Thoughts soon.

This will be a tasty treat!

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