5 Ways to Share the Love

Valentine's Day is over but you can still share the love - link love that is - throughout the year. How you do it is not as important or impactful as simply doing it.

Here are 5 ways to share the love - right now.

#1. Link up. Review your LinkedIn network. Is there a colleague you'd like to connect with or another you think highly of? Invite one colleague to join your network and write a recommendation for another.

#2.Friend up. Find a friend or become a fan on Facebook. Take the first step to connect with another and share what you like about them, their cause, or their status. A little acknowledgement (or a comment on a wall) can make someone's day.

#3. Blog it. Read a post that resonates with you? Let the writer know. Comment or write your own riff, rant, or rave about it on your blog complete with trackbackand links. Add the blog to your blogroll and update your MyAlltop.

#4. Tweet it. Log onto Twitter. Send a DM tocheck in with a friend,@reply to a great link, retweet a valuable link or funny comment to others, and favorite a great idea, thought or quote.

#5. Dial it. Pick up the phone and call a friend with no reason other than to simply let them know that you are thinking of them.

There is enough love to go around and everyone has a little to share. How do you share the love? Hit me in the comments (gently)!