Soaring Past Annoying Little Coworker Things

Here's the deal. We, Human Resource professionals, provide a valuable (and cool) service to our organizations. We do, see, and determine things that no other department can do, see or determine. We have a responsibility like no other.

We are here for the big things.

Fighting, arguing, head butting, or clashing with {insert  department of choice here} or each other aren't big things. They are little thing.

What else are little things? Viewing mistakes of others as nonrecoverable, talking about others behind their back, telling one person what another person said about them for no reason other than getting their blood boiling, feeling (or saying) that your way is always better, thinking (or saying) it's not my turn, not my job, or not my turn to care, hoarding information, and saying you work harder, faster, or simply more than all others. Get my drift?

Drift higher. Swat the little things off your shoulder like the nuisances they are and don't engage. Don't let the little things stop you dead in your tracks or worse, veer you off course. Take the high road and stay above the fray. Yes, it may seem unfair that YOU are being asked to take the high road when others are not. I can't make you go there nor will this post get you there - you have to decide to go there for yourself.

Having a tough time deciding? Consider this. The little things do nothing more than distract us from what we can be. We can be big. Or we can be small.

I'm for being big. Let's soar.

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