Social Media Makes Me Happy: A Day in the Life Sunday

At this point in the game, we know that social media is not about the tools. Cool as they can be, social media is not about the apps.

Social media is about connecting with people, truly connecting with people – one person at a time.

Connection = growth. No connection = stagnation.

Connection = friendships. No connection = acquaintances. Connection = impact and influence. No connection = just another voice in the crowd.

Connection = cheering friends on from the audience. No connection = offering support in 140 characters or less.

I have made some great friends through social media and when they are places that I am not - it makes me sad. Not sad in a boo-hoo kind of way but sad in a bummed-out I miss them kind of way.

Feeling sorry for me yet? Don't.

You can't miss what you never had and I am fortunate to be part of such a vibrant social community and to have many wonderful people in my life.

Who's sad? Not me. I am social media happy. Here's to creating opportunities for our paths to cross - and connect - again.

Personal Board of Directors: A Day in the Life Sunday

The kid participated in a babysitting clinic yesterday. She rotated through stations, role played and ended the day with a panel of parents.

Energized by the day and wanting to babysit NOW, the questions begin and quickly turn from babysitting basics to my babysitting experiences:

"Did you babysit for others before I was born, Mom?"

"No not much. Until I had you, I wasn't particularly fond of children. Why?"

"I want to have my own panel of parents so I can ask them questions. I want people with experience."

A day later, I'm still not sure if I passed and get to be on her panel of parents but her questions got me thinking.

A friend whom I admire greatly, offered his support to help me do whatever it is I wanted to do in anyway he can: critique, connect . . . be on my personal board of directors.


Parenting panel . . . personal board of directors - get the connection? ==> People committed to helping you be better tomorrow than you are today. I've read about them, thought they'd be a grand idea and even suggested to a mentee or two that they consider putting one together  - yet I've stopped short of having one myself.

Why? Oh, I am sure the reasons changed over the years from being lazy and not interested in accountability and returning favors to being a fiercely independent and content know-it-all but it really was not something I thought about often.

I am thinking about it now.

I am thinking about blind spots and about gaps in my experiences, skills and day-to-day activities. I am thinking about people with experiences, skills and day-to-day activities I can learn from. I am wondering how others see me and how that's different than I see myself. I am thinking about what I can give back.

I am wondering if I already have some of the pieces in place and not even realize it?

Tell me this, do you have a personal board of directors? How did you staff your board of directors? What's the biggest leap they asked you to make that you would not have made on your own?

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