What I Did Before HR

What do you do?

The important people in my life now know what I do for work. I lead a staff of 11-14 people providing human resource services to an organization of 1300 employees - blah, blah, blah.

But not many of the important people in my life now knew me before I was started working in human resources. Hey, where'd everyone go? Isn't it funny how people come and go from our lives as we continue to keep moving forward? There are a core few who follow us through thick and thin, ups and downs, connections missed and opportunities seized but so many are lost along the way.

Right out of college, I entered active duty as a 2nd Lieutenant and 10 years later left active duty after my last assignment teaching ROTC at the University of Pennsylvania as a Captain.

In addition to gaining an appreciation for German beer, traveling across Europe and having a pretty tight shot group, I learned a little bit about leadership. Here are two quick thoughts I'd like to leave you with on this Friday morning:

Respect. There's a lot of saluting going on - literally and figuratively. People salute rank out of respect. Individuals earn respect one decision and one conversation at a time. Don't confuse respect for rank, position or title as respect for the individual and never stop earning respect.

Values. There are leaders whose values will not align with yours or who will ask (need) you to be something you are not; they will want you to be just like them.Don't confuse commitment and dedication to a leader with commitment and dedication to yourself and never stop being true to your values.

On that note, have a wonderful, relaxing weekend and stay cool.