Get Your Happy On

. . . .with HR Happy Hour that is! 

Steve Boese and Shauna Moerke are bringing us more of the HR Happy Hour on Blog Talk Radio

Episode 6 - July 31, 2009 - 8 PM EDT, 5 PM PDT 'The HRevolution'- An open forum to chat about ideas for the very first HR Blog Conference.

Episode 7 - August 28, 2009 -6 PM EDT, 3 PM PDT' Funky Hair, Tattoos, and HR Diversity' - Is HR truly welcoming to folks that look a bit 'different'?

Episode 8 - August 28, 2009 -8 PM EDT, 5 PM PDT'HR and Sports'- What are the connections between Sports and HR and Talent Management?

Steve is an amazing contributor to the HR space and, together with Shauna, he leads engaging, informative, fun discussions on issues relevant to HR professionals today. 

Click over to Steve's post for more information on upcoming sessions and for links and numbers to the shows.

Dial in - you will not be disappointed!