My New Venture


When people ask me what I've been up to, the standard answer has come to be, "Oh, nothing much, just working and raising a kid." Believe it or not, the kid has a name. Her name is Tarah.

Raising Tarah is the most important thing I do each and every day, but it is not the only thing. While I have this great space and wonderful community built on human resources, leadership and personal growth (that I would not give this up for anything) there are things I want to say about working, raising a daughter, making choices and discoveries that do not fit well here.

So, Raising Tarah was created. As usually is the case, what's mine quickly becomes ours and this blog is no exception. So instead of an individual effort, it has become a joint venture between mother and daughter. Together we will write, share, post and play as individuals, as mother-daughter, and as a family because we are not in this alone. We are two-thirds of a pretty cool family unit with Bill, husband and dad extraordinaire, rounding us out.

If you are up for an intelligent and fun look at the trials and tribulations of us girls, separately and together, join us for the ride. We are not sure where this will take us but just like Tarah on the alpine slide, we are going for it - full out and eyes wide open.

Fingers are crossed it all goes well so check it out, tell know what you think and let me know if you find any broken links, misplaced text or anything that appears out of whack to you.

Back to regular (backlogged) programming on HR Thoughts shortly!

Creative credit for Raising Tarah goes to Melody Watson for the design work on the new site.