A Swift Kick In the Pants

I had a phone call yesterday with someone I was talking with for the first time. After getting to know each other a little, the conversation turned to me and the blog. Seems as though he had heard some pretty positive things about me and came here, to the blog, to check me out.

He read through posts from the past few months and do you know what he said? He said something to the effect that my reputation was obviously not built on what I've written recently. Now, I don't have the exact words, I was a little stunned to capture it word for word, but the message was clear. When I say stunned, don't hear that in a taking offense kind of way at all. He was articulating what I already knew, but needed to hear. How'd he do that?!

While I have been looking into the new year, my writing has dropped off. It has. I lost a bit of inspiration somewhere along the line. My posts were "light" and in some cases, I was posting to fill the space. In one sense I knew what I was doing and in another, I had no idea. We talked about me setting time to write regularly, recapturing depth and getting back to what I know. You could say it is blogging 101 or writing basics. 

I say it was a gift.