The Top 25 Talent Management Blogs

Our friends at Fistful of Talent and HR Capitalist, published their 7.0 Talent Management Blog Power Rankings of talent, HR and recruiting blogs. 

I am honored to be included amongst people who inspire, friend and whether they know it or not, challenge me to keep getting better. There are so many positive things about the list and the one thing that strikes me each and every time is seeing new blogs. They're here, they're good and it's so great to see them recognized.

The power blog rankings is a labor of love for the community and I appreciate the work that is put into this. I have a like/loathe relationship with HR but being part of the community we are building here falls solidly in the things I love.  

It's all fluid and it's all good. Congratulations to everyone and thanks to the FOT and HR Capitalist team.