My Workout Fail

It's so funny to me how things happen and I've stopped trying to figure out how and why but here's the latest.

I recently acquired a personal trainer. I went out for a run on Sunday and it was hard. My legs were tired, the heat was rising and my new orthotics are waking up long sleeping muscles. I ran 3 miles and my time was much slower than my glory days last spring . . . yada, yada, yada.

Anyway, I get home, open Google Reader and see Jason Sieden's latest, Workout Fail . . . ? Jason started on a fitness journey and he's sharing it with his readers.

Did I hear a challenge?

I always hear a challenge in Jason's writing. A challenge for me to take a look at how I am doing things from a different perspective - and that's a good thing.

So, here goes nothing . . . I am no longer looking back and beating myself up for the food I ate, the exercise I didn't do and the shape I am in now. Like Jason, I am embarking on a fitness journey. Unlike Jason, I am not posting a picture of my abs but I am signing up for Livestrong to geek out along the way.

My goal - go from zero to hero and run the Earth Day Half-Marathon in April with a 10 min/mi pace. Either I run and finish at that pace or - in the words of Jason - I fail, spectacularly, trying.

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