#Fitness: A Day in the Life Sunday

Good morning! I slept in until 8 am this morning. It's been a long time since I've done that. I needed the rest and the loss of 3 productive hours was a good trade this morning.


I've been in this over-50 zone for over 2 weeks now and I have got to tell you, it's not bad.

I have been exercising and eating clean (a work in progress for this carb lover) and just this morning I fit into the dress I wore for my daughter's christening AND the dress I wore out for my birthday dinner that same year - 12 years ago. 

I went shopping yesterday to buy new pants because the ones I have are too big. Need a pant size 6-8-10-12? I got you covered and hope I never have the need for the bigger ones again. Weight fluctuations stink.

There are some real reasons your weight will fluctuate up to five pounds each day:

  • Eating and drinking. Weighing yourself after eating a meal or drinking a  large amount will give you a falsely high measurement. Weighing yourself after  you sweat a lot, such as after working out, will give you a falsely low  reading.
  • Sodium intake. The large amount of sodium in a fast food or pizza meal  leads to water retention and a falsely high weight.
  • Carbohydrates. A meal high in simple carbohydrates will also cause you  to hold water and temporarily raise weight. Similarly, high protein and low  carbohydrate diets give a false impression of weight loss when the body is  simply losing carbohydrate and water weight.
  • Hormones. Water retention, and therefore weight, fluctuates with a  woman's menstrual cycle.

My fluctuations have blown past five pounds and over the years, pregnancy aside, were due to stress, no exercise and a lot of food. For the record I am all for falsely low readings but have made a commitment to myself, my closet and my wallet that this is not a short term experiment but a new way of life.

Don't believe me? I went to Trader Joe's yesterday and bought sprouted bread and  nitrate free turkey bacon. Replace the mayo with a touch of guacamole and you have a killer, clean BLT.

What do you do to keep your fitness in check? HR-sphere friends, need some motivation and support? Join the HR Fit Crew on Facebook and get out from behind the desk right now.

I'm 50: A Day in the Life Sunday

My 50th birthday was Monday. I spent Monday night in an out of town ER waiting room. I hope this isn't an indication on what the next 50 years have in store for me.


I ended my birthday week with a run and in much better condition than I started. The run was a 2.5 mile recovery run after my #Crossfit workout Saturday morning. It was a killer workout for me: 400m run, 50 wall balls, 50 burpees, 50 sit ups, 50 KB swings, 25 tire flips, 25 GHD sit ups, 25 shoulder press and 25 squats.

Why, with 4 other workouts to pick from and a week without exercise, did I choose the psycho one with the 50 burpees? "More burpees, please," said no one ever.

I wanted to see if I could do it. 

After getting passed the thought that this workout was beyond me, deciding to break the 50s into sets of 10 as needed, ignoring the timer and silencing the inner voice pleading with me to consider Level 1 and one-half of the reps, I hit the pavement. 

Could I do it? Yes, I could. It wasn't easy and it was pretty but did the whole thing, right down to the 50th burpee, 25th tire flip and very last squat.

I wished it were easier for me, but if it was, I know I'd never get any better.

Whether it's exercise, running, leadership, learning a new task, human resources, real estate, relationship, parenting, don't wish for easy - wish for insight, support, courage and the strength to face whatever life throws at you.

One of the birthday cards I received from my husband read that turning 50 "means wearing your confidence like a smile and striding through your life - regret-free, fearless, and purposeful."

Don't wait until you are fifty, wear your confidence like a smile now.  If you are approaching a milestone birthday, don't fret - come talk with me. We got this.