Bursts of Sunshine in My HR Week

The term "Trench HR" has come to be in the social media world with Twitter hashtags and its own LinkedIn group, Trench HR.  

For me, Trench HR denotes HR pros in the business of HR day to day in an organization. It doesn't denote the type or level of work being done (transactional vs. transformational) nor does it denote the level of work being done (generalist vs. leader) because it doesn't get any easier at the top. It is just what it is, the business of HR, nothing more and nothing less.

For all of my hemming and hawing and I don't like HR'ing (much), there is something about rolling up the sleeves, digging into an issue, debating with spirit and addressing an issue that I like about HR. Whether it's the engaging the junior lawyer in me, reaffirming the value of a relationship, or bringing out the potential in others - I like it. I have some credibility in this thing we call HR. When I say something, it matters. It's not always listened to but it is heard. And I like that too.

I have a special fondness for trenches, even having dug a trench <once> myself, but a girl needs to come out and see the sun sometimes.

Here is some of the sunshine in my week and I'll tell you - it's just what the doctor ordered:

I had the pleasure of sharing a phone line with William Tincup on DriveThruHR Convenient Conversations (his cohort in crime, Bryan Wempem had another commitment). We talked about what keeps me up at night (hint: I worry a lot), touched on HR in the military, and dished about Women of HR. Listen and let me know what you think. It was fun and yes, I'd do it again.


With -8 temps and a -22 wind chill this morning, I am so very pleased to be part of the Social Technology Team for the 2011 HR Florida State Conference. It's not until the end of August but it's enough to warm these bones of mine! Stay tuned for more updates from the Mouth of the South, the official blog of the conference, to see who I get to work with.

Where will you be going this year and what will you be doing to bring a little sunshine and warmth to your days?