Focus. Just Focus.

I am an out of sight out of mind kind of a girl.

Sometimes when I have things to do, a list just doesn't seem to be enough of a reminder. At times like these and to be sure I don't forget, I keep my things to do within easy reach. Be it in the front seat of the car, in my OM bag, or in my right hand - my things to do are very close to me.

Not all of my things to do like grocery items to buy, bank accounts to open, and appointments to make get such a prominent place in my psyche. Only my reading, writing, and other "for me" things to do are worthy of that spot.

Life's been a bit hectic lately and I haven't been able to to do the things I want to do. Yet, there they were, day after day, staring back at me from the front seat of my car, my bag, my right hand.

So, I did what any out of sight out of mind girl who appreciates her psyche would do - I moved the things to do out of sight. 

I took items from my car, my bag and my right hand and put them on a shelf. A snazzy red shelf by the front door that I pass at least 2x per day, but a shelf just the same.

Now, instead of having the totality of all of my things to do within easy reach 24 hours a day, they are  tucked away. Not so far away where I wouldn't see them (because then I'd forget about them), but far enough away that I'd have to consciously go to them to get what I wanted.

Resolving to read more this year, much of my to do's are books I want to read and I am giving myself more time to read them. To better sort and prioritize my writing efforts, I also took my one hard covered black Moleskine and traded it for 3 soft sided red ones (see them right there under the books?) for the three different types of venues I am currently writing for.

You could say I may need to learn to say "no" more often but it's really not that often that I say yes. For me, it's a matter of setting (and owning that yes, I can set) boundaries, expectations, and terms for the hours and minutes of my time that I give to others. 

I'll now go to the shelf and pick the one or two things I am going to work on during a particular day or week and leave the rest behind. No worries. The things to do are safe, secure and will all get done. In due time. In my time.

And with my psyche in tact.

What tips do you have for keeping your psyche in tact when there's seemingly not enough to go around?