Do You Have A Culture of Service?

The way a person envisions their role in an organization informs their choices, their actions and their decisions. How does the service dynamic play out in your organization?

Photo credit iStock

Photo credit iStock

I was quick footing my way to grab lunch the other day. I was firmly placing one Frye covered foot in front of the other when I entered a hallway and overheard an employee interacting with a Veteran.

Because we were at an intersection of corridors, I am assuming the Veteran apologetically asked for directions. The reason for the interaction is not as important as the response I heard from the employee: 

We are here to serve you. You are not here to serve us.

I turned back and saw an appreciative Veteran walking tall with a smile on his face. In that one moment, in that one interaction, one employee made a huge impact on those around her. She gets it.

I continued walking and wondered how an organization would be impacted if every employee, every manager, every HR professional and every leader envisioned their role in relation to their customers the very same way. 

What do you think?